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About us


My name is Oscar Sturlese and I want to show you my Ossmen world.

Ossmen is not just a brand of swimwear. Ossmen is a philosophy of life full of healthy habits in every way. Sport, good nutrition and interior care, three wellness objectives that go hand in hand and that have always accompanied me. Loving and pampering has to be a thing of oneself and it only depends on us to do it well.

This vision of healthy life, together with my passion for interior design and architecture, have influenced my need to personalize and design my own style; So has my professional career, which for the last 20 years has been linked to the main clothing firms, national and international, and which have inspired and encouraged me to launch into the world of fashion and immerse myself fully in the swimwear for men.

From this union of concerns and the desire to create something unique, Ossmen was born, a firm project with which I embark on my way and at the same time I can show my lifestyle from the city of Barcelona, ​​looking for an elegant, sophisticated and comfortable swimsuit for the man of today. An enterprising, brave and traveler man who likes to appreciate the value of the good things around him and uses them in his day to day.

Feeling good is born from within ourselves and this is the only way to advance in our personal growth and towards others. This is undoubtedly the first step. If you think you have already succeeded, how about we take care of ourselves from the outside as well?

Ossmen Wear was born precisely to respond to the needs of that current, daring and self-confident man who wants to reflect his values ​​through the original and exclusive style of this universe that I have created for you and with which you will feel fully identified if you dive into it.

“Ossmen is born from your desire for endless days,

of hot nights and chats in good company.

From unforgettable trips and friends that nourish the soul.

Ossmen Wear, made in Barcelona ”